Monday, 22 October 2012

Pumpkin Science

Learn about pumpkins from a scientific point of view. Ask a question, conduct an investigation, get information, think about what you have observed, and reach a conclusion. Here are some questions to investigate on the interesting topic of PUMPKINS:

Are the seeds scattered randomly within a pumpkin or arranged in some sort of pattern?
Do BIG pumpkins have larger seeds than smaller pumpkins?
Is there anything in a pumpkin which lines up with the creases on the outside?
What does a pumpkin weigh?
How much does a pumpkin seed weigh?
How many seeds does a pumpkin contain?
Do all pumpkins have the same number of seeds?
Can you tell which side of the pumpkin was against the ground? How? Does the stem help you figure it out?
Will pumpkins float in water? If they do, will they float stem up, stem down, or stem sideways?
Can pumpkin seeds be sorted into groups?
How thick is the skin of a pumpkin?
Do birds eat pumpkin seeds?
Will pumpkin seeds grow if planted right away?
What stories can you find about pumpkins?
Where did pumpkins come from originally?
What other plants do we eat that are related to pumpkins?

Make a book to record your questions and answers!


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