Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Halloween Sand Table

Make a sand table by purchasing a bag of play sand at Toys R Us or Rona, or Home Depot. You can find different colors of sand as well. Pour the sand into a large plastic storage container. Clear ones are best. Add some water to keep the dust down if necessary.

Make your sand interesting by adding foam pumpkins or metallic confetti pumpkins. The children can hunt for the pumpkins by digging with shovels, using sifters, and funnels. Give them magnifying glasses to look closely at the pumpkins.

Make it a math activity by counting the pumpkins. You could also tape a number strip to the floor or table so the children can place a pumpkin on each number to help with counting.

Look at the dollar stores to find more items to add every two days. Spider rings, fingernails, silk leaves, skeletons/skulls, black and orange pom-poms, or nuts in a shell.

Spooky Halloween Sand Table:
You could put your sand table in a darker area and add Halloween lights above or give the children small flashlights or lights that strap onto their head and shine down where they are digging in the sand. Flashlights will work better in a darker area. Add glow in the dark skeleton bones, plastic spiders to the sand, rubber snakes.
Black Diamond Spot Headlamp                              

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