Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Here are some items to collect for a Garden prop box:

Mother and daughter planting seeds in the family gardenGardening gloves
Knee pads
Small flower pots and trays from garden centre
Seeds and bulbs
Watering cans
Signs to tell what you have planted - tongue depressors
Shredded black paper (for dirt) - or you could use real dirt when outside
Plastic or silk flowers,stems and leaves
Real flowers
Small gardening hand shovels
Magnifying glasses
Lattice or small trellis for plants to climb
Grass mats made of plastic - see Dollar store
Tree cookies (sections cut from a tree)
Pine cones
Rocks, pebbles, glass beads
Empty potting soil bags filled with crumpled newspaper and taped shut
Empty spray bottles
Easter baskets and grass
Plastic vases
Cash register

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  1. Awesome work once again! I am looking forward for your next post ;)
    preschool ermington